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30 September 2015 @ 03:34 pm

Edit: I posted this some time ago but I have recently added new friends to my f-list so I thought I'd try reposting it at the top of my journal... So to get to know me better... here is my introduction!!

I nabbed this really nifty way of introducing yourself to others from my friend throughtherain 
Thanks Steph!!


Name: Sherry
Nickname: My hubby calls me his Sherbear and a very few friends call me Drew .
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 12, 1971... yes, Im old!! LOL
Status: Married
Sexuality: Straight although I think deep down inside we're all a bit experimental.
Location: United States in a tiny little state called Vermont.
Occupation: Im a full time mom which explains my obsession with the internet... its the only way I get to talk to adults!! LOL
Im a mom of 5 kids from two marriages.
Kaitlynn: age 18
Joseph: age 16 
Hannah: age 10
Hunter: age 7
Phoenix: age 2

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Title: Office Delight
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Word Count: 100 exactly
Rating: I think we're at NC 17 finally.
Warnings: Sexual Situations, fingering.
A/N: I havent posted in awhile cuz of computer problems but I downloaded Google doc to my phone so I can at least write. This series has been written in the past for nochick_fics and seeing as she just had a birthday I thought I'd add to it. Hope you like it dear and hope you had a great day!!

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14 August 2014 @ 03:23 pm
I'm about to cry right now!!

I've had some major computer issues and some personal setbacks that kept me away from this site but I left without a word to anyone and fully expected to come back to hate messages and drama but instead I come back and find several birthday messages from you lovely people!! I love this community so much and I've missed you all while I was away!! I'm not gonna even try to pull out the lame excuses because it is what it is and I'm sorry for being away and leaving so many of you in a lurch but I'm back and I'll try to do better this time if anyone wants to give me that chance!! I haven't written much in the past few months but I'm hoping to remedy that, in fact, working a couple things already!! Thanks to everyone who sent me bday messages, I had a great day Tuesday... went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and it was a really great movie!! My kids were on their best behavior and that made it very relaxing for my special day!! I'll try to get to posting some stuff both here and in the groups I  mod and again, sorry for leaving you all in a lurch!! Thanks for being so understanding and patient!! <3 <3
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hp_humpdrabbles presents Hump Madness 2014
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07 January 2014 @ 10:36 pm

I'm cutting back on the amount of fests I sign up for this year because I ended up not completing some last year but I've taken a break from writing and am now back in full force... hopefully!! LOL Anyways, I love this fest and wouldn't miss it for the world!! <3

art by isinuyasha
art by isinuyasha ~ banner by capitu
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Title: Deciding to Stay
Chapter 3 Title: From Heartache to Heartbreak
Fandom: One Direction(RPF)
Pairings: Niall Horan/Liam Payne
Warnings: Angst  for this chapter but is sexually explicit overall
Word Count: 1083
Summary: Emotions run high and things don't go very smoothly the day after their rendezvous.
A/N: Original story loosely based upon the One Direction song Change My Mind. Unbeta’d, all mistakes are all my own. This is chapt. 3 because I loved writing this pairing, will be more to come.

Niam Banner
banner made myself using ipiccy

Part One Found Here

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Title: Up Against the Lockers
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood.
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content, Slight Come Play, Wall Sex(kind of), and Blowjob.
Word Count: 1,270
Summary: PWP... Percy's the manager for Puddlemere and Oliver is its star player and captain. A heated argument leads to passionate sex.
A/N: This was started ages ago for last years Valensmut but I didn't get it done and dropped the fest... the story's sat here incomplete and for some reason my muse finally decided to finish it... lol Hope you enjoy this rare pair. Also, this is unbeta'd so all  mistakes are my own, sorry!! <3

“What the Hell just went on out there?” Percy screams out into the nearly empty locker room.Collapse )
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21 December 2013 @ 12:32 am

I'm really hoping to participate in this once again like I have the past two rounds!!

stop_drop_howl is a rapid-fire porn writing challenge! participants have just 24 hours from the time they're tagged to write the filthiest, hottest porn they can! Round 4 sign ups begin January 4th!
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Title: Deciding to Stay
Chapter 2 Title: Feeling Confused
Fandom: One Direction(RPF)
Pairings: Niall Horan/Liam Payne
Warnings: Morning After, Sexual Content, Boys Kissing, and Angst
Word Count: 645
Summary: The morning after leaves Niall feeling confused...
A/N: Original story loosely based upon the One Direction song Change My Mind. Unbeta’d, all mistakes are all my own. This is chapt. 2 of this story because I had a couple people want more. Also I loved writing this pairing so expect to see more of them for sure.

Niam Banner
Niall awakens to the bright morning light drifting through the cracks of the nearby shade.Collapse )

Onto Chapter 3

The First Chapter can be found HERE
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Title: Basic Needs
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Word Count: 606
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: Incest, Explicit Sexual Content, and Underage with debatable consent. Age Disparity: Dean is 19 and Sam is 15. It's pretty much PWP as well.
A/N Written for comment_fic for a prompt Underage left by nanoks This is unbeta'd so apologize for any and all mistakes which are mine alone. Hope everyone enjoys reading it.

They’re just teenagers…or at least that’s the excuse Dean uses to feed his guilt ridden mind.Collapse )
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