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27 September 2011 @ 08:08 am
Projects Update!!  
Live Journal is being a pain in the arse still and won't let me properly update my original post so here is what I am working on....... hopefully I'll get around to getting some shit done soon so this won't look so damn impossible!! :D

My Projects List
Ongoing Fics to Finish:
1. The New Intern (Harry/Scorpius) 8 chapters complete (In Progress)
2. The Post War Arc (Harry/Draco)  7 chapters complete
3. Hermione Granger's Stolen Treasure (Hermione/Draco)  4 chapters complete
4. Its Her Secret (Draco/Hermione/Ron) 3 chapters complete(In Progress)

Ongoing Drabble Series to Finish;
1. The Liquid Luck Series (Harry/Draco) Being posted in [info]dracoharry100 and [info]fandomwords100 (almost finished)
2. Harry's Punishment (Harry/Draco) Being posted in [info]fandomwords100 (almost finished)
3. In Pursuit of Boyhood Fantasies (Albus Severus/Scorpius) Being posted in [info]albuscorpius100 PUT ON HOLD... NO INSPIRATION
4. A Secret Love Series (Percy/Lily Luna) Being posted at my personal Journal based on prompt table from [info]drabbles100  34/100
5. Some Unexpected News (Harry/Draco) Being posted at fandomwords100 (4 drabs done)

Other Ongoing Series to Finish:
1. Learning to Heal Together (Harry/Draco) Being posted at [info]slythindor100 11 prompts, 6 are finished
2. Harry and Draco Get it Together (Harry/Draco) Being posted at [info]slythindor100 8 prompts, 7 are finished (started last part)
3. Draco in 15 Pairings (multiple pairings) based on prompt table at [info]15pairings 1 pairing finished
4. Continuation of the story A Fateful Meeting (Draco/Astoria) How they met series 1 part finished
5. New Harry/Lucius series I'm writing for my amazing beta [info]singlemomsummer 2 chapters done
6. Continuation of my elricest piece It Was Just a Dream... Wasn't It? Drunk sex fic
7. Continuation of my elricest piece One Saying Or Another... Evil!Al fic
8. 13 Smutty Nights of Halloween for hd_seasons 13 parts... I'm behind Only did 5 will finish
9. slythindor100 Xmas countdown story and  Advent Calender for [info]hd_seasons  combined as one story titled Christmas at War (started) (13 of each done)
10. fandomwords100 Xmas countdown story a Dralbus series titled Flirting with Danger (started) (16 Prompts done)

Fests and other challenges I'm Signed Up For and need to complete:
1. [info]deflower_draco  DONE
2. [info]hp_3forfun DONE
3. [info]hp_sexstars DONE

4. [info]the_ass_fest DONE
5. daisy chain mini fest for chatzy_addict DONE
6. New round of daisy chain fests for daisychain_drab DONE
7. Owl Post Story DONE
8. Owl Post Xmas Posts
9. Xmas stockings for hd_seasons
10. hp_emofest  DONE 
11. MPreg story for wizsprogsDONE
12. Monthly challenge for dmhgchallenge DONE

13. hpvalensmut DIDNT FINISH IN TIME
14. Challenge 1: Virgin Albus for draco_albus DONE
15. hp_intoxicated DONE
16. daisychain_drab Xmas Round DONE
17. daisychain_drab Threesome Round (started)
18. harry_submits DONE
19. hp_nextgen_fest
20. hp_kinkfest (almost done)
21. smallfandomfest (Teen Wolf) DONE
23. sceasleycest DONE
24. hp_harlequin
25. harrydracompreg1

26 Round 6 daisychain_drab(started)
27. Challenge 3 draco_albus cross post for January challenge hd_and_sons
28. Draco-centric Comment Fest hosted at
29. Valentine Stories for hd_owlpost DONE
30. Love and Romance Multi Fandom Drabathon hosted at fandomwords100
Prompt Tables to tackle:
1. Already claimed at [info]10_fics (Caroline/Tyler) DROPPING
2. [info]5_prompts No claims yet

Fic Ideas to possibly Tackle;
1. Oneshot based on the song Dirty Dancer (Ginny/Undetermined male)
2. Fic based on this piece of artwork by [info]thilia (Ginny/Scorpius/Harry with some Harry/Draco/Ginny)
3. Daddy!Kink fic where Harry is the submissive (Harry/Draco)
4. Harry/Draco prisoner fic that will contain stockholms Syndrome (In Progress)
5. Harry Potter/Twilight crossover fic (Harry/Cedric/Edward/Carlisle) a Harry/Cedric romance
6. Harry Potter Non Magical, All Human, AU fic. (Harry/Draco) A boarding school fic
7. House of Night story based on the end of Awakening (Stevie Ray/Rephaim)
8. Kurt/Blaine first time fic (Glee)
9. Bondage fic based on this photo that I found on tumblr (Harry/Draco)
10.Sequel to the story Staying Forever Young... (Draco/Albus Severus) Rentboy fic
11.Oneshot based on the song Use Your Love by Katy Perry (Pansy/Scorpius)
12. My first ever Vampire Knight fic (Kaname/Zero) Sexy slash fic
13. Harry/Scorpius fic with dark Harry and submissive Scorpius
14. Chapter fic based on a Leah/Jacob/Renesmee triangle. Picks up in Breaking Dawn when Jacob leaves because he feels betrayed by Edward's affections towards the "fetus"

Birthday Gift!fics
1. H/D prompt champagne for lijahlover DONE
2. H/D prompt celebration for vexed_wench DONE
3. Harry/Theo prompt caught for snowcrazy921(started)
4. Harry/Hermione prompt games for polkadotgurlk