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23 January 2012 @ 02:53 pm
This Commentfest brought to you by hpfangirl71 with encouragement from kitty_fic
At the end I will post a masterlist and make banners to show everyone who participated some love!!

Welcome one and all to the Draco-centric Commentfest!!
This commentfest is being held in honor of the Chinese New Year
Which is Year of the Dragon for 2012
Since in fandom our Dragon is Draco...
We'll be honoring our Dragon in fic!!
Commentfest starts today Jan 23rd and lasts until Feb 29th
To post a Prompt use the form below and make sure that all pairings and prompts are Draco-centric

To fill a Prompt just write a story and either post it as a comment to the Prompt or comment with a link to the story in your personal journal. Multiple fills for the same Prompts are welcome... all genres, kinks and pairings as long as they are Draco-centric
So Let The Draco Love Begin...
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tigersilvertigersilver on February 5th, 2012 10:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Year of the Dragon Comment Fest
"Bend over."
"No, really. It won't fit and you must be bloody mad to even think it will, Draco!"
Harry wriggled. His arse was cold and the metal rim of the smallest Astronomy Tower observatory telescope was pressing cold against his one cheek, indenting it. Courtesy of the kinky git he'd taken to taking up said arse on a regular basis.
"Come on, Harry," Draco urged him. "It'll be blast, I promise. Just like a plug only better, alright? See? It's graduated, and I can adjust it...just like this."
Harry felt rather than saw what happened next but he didn't need to see to blush all over.
It was slippery and chilly and it was--with a little help from Draco and his damned nimble Seeker's fingers--in him with pretty much no warning at all.
"--ack!" he yelped, and lunged forward, not all sure he likef the sensation.
"Just a minute...it'll be betetr soon, I promise...a little more lube, alright? Don't clench up like that, Harry; you'll hurt yourself."
Draco petted his bum, using his hip bones and his free hand to urge Harry into place--keep him still and standing bent over the waist-high wall while he fiddled.
"Ungh!" Harry bite his lips, hard as he could, but it escaped him...and no, it wasn't all bad, the way it felt.
Strange--foreign--not what he really craved by a long shot, but then...
Draco was grinning like a loon.
"Just think, Harry," he said, twisting the scope's eyepiece back and forth, back and forth hypnotically
"Wh-what?" Harry gasping, ever so much closer to the verge of not thinking at all. Really, it wasn't nearly so bad as he'd first thought it would be--just very filthy. Very filthy!
"Think of what, Draco?"
Harry, peering back over his shoulder with some difficulty (there was that ongoing in-out swivel of expanding-contracting metal rings to distract him, thanks to the twat) truly wished he could take a snap of Draco's expression; it was priceless.
"Think of poor old Filch," his lover chuckled darkly, "come tomorrow morning, up here here cleaning away. Won't that be a nasty little surprise, then?"
"Oh!" Harry shouted--he was coming, shocked silly but coming all the same--"Oh, for fuck's sake! You ar--ar-arsehole!"
hpfangirl71: OMFGhpfangirl71 on February 6th, 2012 02:02 am (UTC)
Re: Year of the Dragon Comment Fest
That was pretty amazing hun... leave it to Draco, kinky sod that he is to convince Harry to do something like that!! Loved that ending btw!! <3
tigersilvertigersilver on February 6th, 2012 02:44 am (UTC)
Re: Year of the Dragon Comment Fest