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15 December 2013 @ 10:15 pm
Fandom: One Direction(RPF) Chapter 2 of Deciding to Stay  
Title: Deciding to Stay
Chapter 2 Title: Feeling Confused
Fandom: One Direction(RPF)
Pairings: Niall Horan/Liam Payne
Warnings: Morning After, Sexual Content, Boys Kissing, and Angst
Word Count: 645
Summary: The morning after leaves Niall feeling confused...
A/N: Original story loosely based upon the One Direction song Change My Mind. Unbeta’d, all mistakes are all my own. This is chapt. 2 of this story because I had a couple people want more. Also I loved writing this pairing so expect to see more of them for sure.

Niam Banner
Niall awakens to the bright morning light drifting through the cracks of the nearby shade. He shifts to move but a pair of muscular arms wrapped around his waist, hold him fast. He gulps back the regret. He’d hoped last night had been nothing more than a vivid dream. How was he supposed to face Liam now?

In a moment of impetuous desire he’d asked Liam to stay. That first kiss had drawn him in and he’d known there was no turning back. He’d been in love with his best mate for so long that it hadn’t taken much for Niall to succumb to his own selfish want. Kissing had turned into explorative touching and before long they’d dragged themselves into the bedroom and had sex.

And oh god, what remarkable sex it had been! Cliché as it sounded; being with Liam last night had been magical. Niall had never felt like that with anyone else he’d slept with. It was pretty much indescribable. Liam had been so attentive and so responsive to his touches. He’d never felt closer to anyone than when Liam was moving inside of him. He’d never wanted that incredible feeling to end. They’d fallen asleep in the early morning dusk still kissing and clinging to one another.

Niall had dreaded facing the morning so much that he’d pushed it out of his thoughts. Now it was here and he wasn’t sure how to react. He and Liam had been friends for so long, being anything more was sure to be awkward. Niall shifts his body again and this time Liam’s death grip loosens, turning around he swallows back the nerves to face the music.

“Liam…” He whispers, giving the other boy a light shake.

Liam mutters something unintelligible, and then stretches out like some lazy cat before pressing his face deep into the pillows. The bedcovers slip downward and Niall catches a glimpse of Liam’s naked arse. The twitch within his groin has him panicking slightly. This time he gets out of bed and gives Liam a harder shove, waking him from his deep slumber. Liam responds with a confused half smile that has Niall wanting him even more.

“What time is it?” Liam asks groggily, still stunned by the abrupt interruption of his sleep.

“Don’t worry about it… it’s time for you to get up and get out is all!”

Niall can’t believe he’s talking to Liam like this and neither can Liam for that matter.

“Nialler, what the fuck…? You didn’t seem to mind me being here last night!” Liam exclaims.

“Yeah, well that was last night and it never should have happened! We just gotta forget it ever did!” Niall answers back, his voice clearly agitated.

A look of hurt crosses Liam’s face and Niall swallows back his guilt. He doesn’t want to hurt his best friend.

“How the hell am I supposed to forget that last night happened?” Liam asks, his voice rising an octave as Niall throws his jeans at him and hitting him square in the chest.

“I don’t know… You just have to!” Niall insists as he picks Liam’s crumpled tee shirt up off the bedroom floor and hands it to him.

Liam grabs at Niall’s wrist and pulls him back down onto the bed.

“How can I forget that the best night of my life happened?” Liam persists and Niall can barely look him in the eyes.

“How do I forget that this happened?” Liam adds before pulling Niall’s mouth close and kissing him hard.

Niall knows he shouldn’t give in but he can’t help himself. Liam’s lips are warm, wet, and insistent beneath his own. His fingers grip tightly to Liam’s bare shoulder and heat rises from within Niall’s groin. It’s only the satisfied groan escaping Liam’s throat that brings him to his senses. This can’t happen…

It can’t happen again.

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