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Fandom: One Direction(RPF) Title: Deciding to Stay Chapt. 3

Title: Deciding to Stay
Chapter 3 Title: From Heartache to Heartbreak
Fandom: One Direction(RPF)
Pairings: Niall Horan/Liam Payne
Warnings: Angst  for this chapter but is sexually explicit overall
Word Count: 1083
Summary: Emotions run high and things don't go very smoothly the day after their rendezvous.
A/N: Original story loosely based upon the One Direction song Change My Mind. Unbeta’d, all mistakes are all my own. This is chapt. 3 because I loved writing this pairing, will be more to come.

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Part One Found Here

Liam slams the door shut behind him, rage simmering from within. He reaches for the closest thing he can find, which is the TV remote and throws it across the room. He hears it crack as it connects with the wall’s surface. He lets out a small huff and drops himself down onto the sofa. His fingers tremble as he pulls them through his hair in frustration. What the hell is he doing?

Niall had thrown him out of his room. Even after Liam had kissed him again, he’d refused to let him stay. Liam couldn’t begin to fathom what was going on in the blonde’s head. Was he scared of what had taken place between them or had he just been using Liam. The thought that he’d been used for sex, especially by his best mate, sickens Liam and he can feel his anger rising up again.

Thoughts of Niall’s sweet lips against his mouth and Niall’s fingers pressing urgently into his skin invade Liam’s mind. Those thoughts cloud his judgment; confusing his emotions and making him feel vulnerable. He can’t help how he feels, can he? After all, he loves Niall… The question is; does Niall love him back?


Niall doesn’t see or speak to Liam most of the day. It’s almost a relief not to face his best mate. Their encounter this morning had been awkward to say the very least. It had taken all of Niall’s resolve to finally throw Liam out of his room. He’d been angry and hurt; Niall had seen it in his eyes.

After Liam had left, Niall had sat and had a good cry. What the hell was he going to do? Sure, he loved Liam but it could never work between them. Liam was the sensible one while Niall was far too spontaneous for his own good some days. They were utter opposites, plus management frowned upon gay relationships in the band. Niall didn’t want Liam to have to face that type of scrutiny or ridicule.

Niall was barely reconciled with his own sexuality; he couldn’t foist that type of awakening upon Liam as well. He just had to stay away, no matter how painful it was. A public relationship would only ruin things between them. Niall would do anything to protect Liam… anything he had to.


Liam should have known avoiding Niall was no good. The band had a late night talk show to attend that evening and that’s when the boys were thrown together again. Niall was in the dressing room already when Liam arrived from having spent the day at the beach. He’d hoped surfing would calm his nerves and temper his anger at the blonde. He’d felt more relaxed out upon the New Zealand waves but now as he watched Niall clowning around with their band mates, it all came rushing back to him.

Liam watches as Niall pulls a white tee down over his muscles, laughing at some stupid joke Louis has cracked. Niall doesn’t even acknowledge Liam’s presence and it leads Liam to grit his teeth in anger. As they line up to enter the studio, Liam feels Niall standing behind him and it tickles his ire.

“Harry, let me get in front of you. I’m not sitting next to him for this.” Liam says in a low voice, indicating Niall standing next to him.

Harry seems surprised by the request but quickly switches places with Liam.

“What happened?” Harry inquires quietly.

“Let’s just say we had a bit of a row. Hopefully we’ll work it out but right now I just need some space.” Liam responds truthfully.

He watches as Niall takes in the exchange between his band mates and he swears he sees a hint of hurt upon the blonde’s face. Good, let him feel what Liam has been feeling all day. The interview goes off mostly without a hitch. Liam feels himself tense up a bit when the interviewer asks the usual round of relationship questions. Niall’s quick answer of single but looking rankles him but he takes a cue and answers in kind.

Performing their music helps Liam release a bit of the pent up anxiety he’s feeling. But the set of only two songs isn’t quite enough to put him completely at ease. Leaving the stage, he’s both surprised and agitated when Niall pulls him aside.

“Are you really gonna stay angry at me?”

Liam looks at Niall fidgeting in front of him. He’s obviously upset by Liam’s treatment of him tonight but Liam isn’t giving in so easily.

“Damn right I am! After the way you treated me, you think I shouldn’t?” Liam responds in a low growl.

Niall flinches in the face of Liam’s apparent anger. He isn’t used to being on the bad side of Liam’s temper. In fact, Liam’s rarely angry so Niall’s shocked to see this side of him at all.

“Look, Liam, I’m sorry… What do you want from me?” Niall says in a gentle pleading whine.

And just like that, Liam’s anger subsides.

“I want you to talk to me. Don’t push me away like this morning.”

Niall looks up, his blue eyes shining with emotion.

“I don’t know how to do this, Li. This is all so new and sudden. I’ve never been in a relationship like this before. You’re my best mate and I don’t want to lose that.”

Niall hesitates before continuing on. His fingers intertwine with Liam’s and he takes a shaky breath before speaking.

“I’m just not sure I can take this friendship of ours to another level and I have a feeling that that’s what you want.”

Liam’s thrown by Niall’s confession. He’d wanted the truth but now that he had it…

They’re interrupted by Zayn as he comes barreling down the hall to fetch them.

“Hey, you guys okay?” Zayn asks, a look of concern clouding his dark eyes.

Liam takes a deep breath of his own as he pulls his hand from Niall’s.

“Yeah mate, we’re all good.” He replies.

But as they walk back toward the dressing room together, Liam is quiet. He’s lost in his own thoughts as Zayn and Niall loudly discuss the band’s plans for the evening. Niall doesn’t want him. He just wants to be friends and that’s it. Liam half-heartedly joins the raucous fun as the band changes and departs. He laughs and smiles, clowning around with the other boys but inside his heart is slowly breaking into two.

Tags: fandom:one direction, ongoing series: deciding to stay, pairing:niall/liam, project:fic or drabble, rating:pg13
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