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Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist Pairing: Ed/Roy Title: Office Delight

Title: Office Delight
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Word Count: 100 exactly
Rating: I think we're at NC 17 finally.
Warnings: Sexual Situations, fingering.
A/N: I havent posted in awhile cuz of computer problems but I downloaded Google doc to my phone so I can at least write. This series has been written in the past for nochick_fics and seeing as she just had a birthday I thought I'd add to it. Hope you like it dear and hope you had a great day!!

Roy grew impatient watching Ed sprawl himself naked across the desk. He wantonly spread his legs out in open invitation. Roy's cock twitched in anticipation. It felt heavy within his grasp. He stepped forward trancelike, never taking his eyes off the beautiful blonde seducing him.

Roy used two fingers to stretch Ed's hole open. Pressing in and out at a furious pace while nuzzling at Ed's collarbone. Ed released soft, needy breaths as he fucked himself ernestly upon Roy's digits. He was ready and Roy felt like an equally eager teen as he finally pressed himself inside Ed's tight heat.
Tags: fandom:full metal alchemist, info:nochicks_fics, kink: desk!sex, occasion:birthday, ongoing series: sex in the workplace, pairing:ed/roy, project:fic or drabble, project:gift!fic, rating:nc17
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